Trad Inc. has gone mad. The mental gymnastics they submit to on a daily basis is staggering.

Ann Barnhardt outlines the insanity of the change in Trad Inc. members’ stance on the papacy from seven years ago.  Why the change?  Because when you attempt to fit Jorge Bergoglio into the traditional understanding of the papacy, you end up with nothing but contradictions and falsehoods.  Some are actually questioning Vatican I and the dogma of infallibility.  Now, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to just admit the possibility that Francis is an antipope?  

There must be more to this story and the strange degree to which these supposedly intelligent people are digging their heals in more and more as the Francispapacy gets worse and worse.   If this has to do with their popularity on the internet and subsequent income flow, may God have mercy on them. 

As for me and my house, we will seek and love the Truth.

Published by Catherine Sarto

Knight of the Immaculata

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